5th Workshop on Model-Based Development for ComputerBased Systems: Domain-Specific Approaches to Model-Based Development

within the 14th Annual IEEE International Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS) 

Successful application of model-based development in domains like business information systems or embedded systems has demonstrated its practical relevance. While originally using general-purpose models, current trends in research and application indicate the importance of approaches or profiles supporting specific application-domains (e.g., automation, business processes, web-services) or development steps (e.g., requirements analysis, feature architecture, deployment). 

This workshop focuses on the scientific and practical aspects of model-based development (models, processes, methods, and tools) for supporting the construction of computer-based systems, with a focus on domain-specific modeling. Topics of the workshop include:
- Models for specific application domains
- Models for specific development steps
- Purpose and Role of Models in the System Engineering Process
- Integration of models in model-based development
- Relation between Requirements and Design Models
- Model synthesis and transformation
- Model-based validation and verification
- Model evolution and maintenance
- Tool support for model-based development
- Case studies and application of model-based development

To support the workshop character, two classes of contributions are sought:
- Full papers as regular technical contribution (10 pages, IEEE Computer Society Format)
  to be reviewed and published in the conference proceedings
  upon acceptance
- Position papers as short problem statements, research questions, or
  experience reports (2 - 4 pages) to be reviewed and published in the
  online proceedings upon acceptance.

Workshop Website
Conference Website

Important Dates:

Submission of full papers:       22.Nov.2006
Notification of acceptance:      21.Dec.2006
Camera-ready paper version:     15.Jan.2007
Submission of position papers:   15.Mar.2007
Workshop at ECBS07:              29.Mar.2007


Full papers are subject to a double-blind reviewing process. Please submit a PDF version without author information through the ECBS07 submission website and mark it for the Submission track "Model-Based Development Workshop" (top of the page) and for the topic "Model-Based System Development" (and more, if appropriate).

Position papers are to be submitted as PDF via email to Matthias Riebisch.

Organizing Committee:

- Matthias Riebisch     TU Ilmenau (DE)
- Bernhard Schatz       TU Munich (DE)

Joint Programme Committee:

- Dov Dori              Technion (IL)
- Holger Giese          U Paderborn (DE)
- Jonah Lavi            CASE (IL)
- John Leaney           UT Sydney (AU)
- Jan Philipps          Validas AG (DE)
- Alexander Pretschner  ETH Zurich (CH)
- Byron Purves          Boeing (US)
- Matthias Riebisch     TU Ilmenau (DE)
- Bernhard Schaetz      TU Muenchen (DE)
- Jonathan Sprinkle     UC Berkeley (US)
- Peter Tabeling        Intervista (AT,DE)
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